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Whether you need an enhancement to a current feature, or a completely new specialized application, BCZ’s affordable custom programming is the answer. We specialize in online software development.

We have handled numerous projects, ranging from advanced command-line support for a processing conversion operation, to playback systems for specialized media format. We programme in different languages, software and systems:

– C++, PHP, Java, Javascript… & 30+ others programming etc
– UNIX/Linux, Windows-based software development
– Embedded software development
– MySQL database design & consulting
– Application re-engineering and re-factoring
– Creation and manufacturing packaged distribution packages…

If you want your software to fit your business rather than your business fitting the software, our customization software development is the solution for you.

Be it database development at the core of most business driven systems, your company may already have a database in place or have an application that is heavily data dependant.

We can help you enhance those applications to allow your business to run the way you want it to, smoothly and effortlessly.

All customized programming projects are completed quickly and with quality delivery standards. Have a specific or unique requirement not available in the market? Please feel free to contact us directly to receive a quote today.

Rates from US$75/hr or US$398/day per programmer

For bigger / long term projects, bulk discounts are available.

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Web Programming / Scripting

Database Programming Optimization

$75 / Hour

$398 / Daily

$150 / Hour

$550 / Daily

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" Within 2 months of site launch, itpointshopdotcom ranks number 1 in this country's state on keywords related to computers, saving me hundreds in advertising costs online. Thanks"
Irfan Muhammad,
" Have been using their service for 1 year and my website manage to be on the 1st page at google search! "
Alan Kwek,
" Good response from our website. Very good impact. Just upgraded the website again. "
S K Song,
" Thanks again for all your hard work and
we are very happy with it."
Jason Tan,


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