Announcement for Q2 April 2019


We have sped up most of our customer’s websites by 50% – 300% than before. With this update your clients wouldn’t have to wait for your site to load. With improved response time, while reducing server load and bandwidth needs by caching and reusing frequently-requested web pages, images, and web service calls. Using modern SMP hardware, which scales well and can handle 10s of thousands of requests per second.

Faster website translate to visitor satisfaction and better conversion rate.

  • Our boost in performance resulted in a 5 to 10% increase in page views (within a week)
  • Improving the sites’ performance will improve site ranking in search engines as well by 5 to 16 rankings.

Refer to the charts below for comparison

It’s evident that a significant decrease in page loading times was delivered here, with some websites experiencing an 80% improvement on overall speed loading time! Overall a 50% improvement to speed loading was experienced across our network of websites.

As you can see above, one of the sites created by us,, have been improved dramatically by us. It has gained a lot organic visitors and has doubled the total hits. “Bad” traffic are spamming and hacking attempts blocked by our proprietary developed firewall technology with 20 years of experience of handling malicious hacking and spamming attempts online.

With this update, our cloud based hosted websites are some of the fastest, more secure, search engine optimized as well as one of the the most reliable in Asia Pacific. We believe we have offered our existing customers one of the most value for money IT infrastructure in the industry in Asia Pacific can offer. Together with our support services, your online business is well handled.

In addition to that, our firewall protection to all our sites has been upgraded for all our customers so you can just sit back and relax. With this firewall upgrade you can be assured that OKiT247 will stop most usual and unusual hacking and spamming attempts so your visitors can browse your site with confidence smoothly.

From time to time, organizations will need to upgrade their network and security devices to latest firmware or patch version. These situations are very critical in the life-cycle of a device and although needed, can cause a lot of issues.

A variety of items can go wrong during device upgrades and this should be handled with caution.

Firewall upgrades can be considered as one of the most sensitive elements that can be done, and organizations want to be sure the network and security configuration don’t change during the process.

Moreover, there is an overhaul of the website badges at the bottom of each websites. We have replaced them with a new “Site By BCZ” badge with different colour schemes. “Site By BCZ” are trusted websites and protected by our enterprise grade deployed infrastructure. This is just not a visual update, this is made with an intent to showcase all our clients and their clients that the sites by BCZ are safer, secured and well managed. Our new badge will help catapult your visitors’ confidence when they visit your site.

Besides that, sites by bcz are optimized and are also getting constant updates behind the scenes on the server backend (with software updates) and are being implemented the latest technological trends in IT industry.

Finally, we assure our clients that we are continually providing the best value for money and quality in all aspect of our service range so you can leave the Tedious, Exhausting, Confusing and Hard work to us. Let us help you resolve the TECH work as we continuously update and upgrade ourselves with modern, state of the art technology, operational workflow and service solutions so you don’t have to.